Food – typical offer…

Everything is homemade freshly each day & available until it sells out. If you have allergens, please make us aware. We will be able to tell you what is in everything to keep you safe.

Made with caramelised onion and cracked black pepper pork sausage from Cockburn’s of Bedale in puff pastry

Sweet Leek with Roasted Root Veg & Cheddar Rolls (V)
Homemade (of course), flavoured with fennel & sprinkled with seeds. £3.50

Fruit Scones
With extra juicy sultanas soaked in Yorkshire Tea

Toffee Flapjack
Rich and sweet with jumbo oats, pumpkin seeds and cornflakes

Lemon Drizzle (GF)
Tangy & moist, made to a Mary Berry recipe with groud almonds and gluten Doves Farm free flour

Lime, Courgette & Pistachio cake
Moist & light, with cream cheese icing and a dollop of passion fruit curd.

Malteser & Snickers Tiffin
Sweet, salty & malty. Absolutely delicious with coffee. A real energy boost.

Guinness Gingerbread.
Light & spicy, with the Guinness adding a moist, malty flavour

Homemade sea salt & vanilla bean fudge slice
Creamy & sweet, this gourmet butter fudge is perfect with coffee